DOPEN 2.0 "Noir"
DOPEN 2.0 "Noir"
$ 39.99

DOPEN 2.0 "Noir"

The new DOPEN 2.0 has all the style and discretion as the original DOPEN with some new added upgrades. 

Variable Temperature Settings: Choose between three temperature settings for the perfect vaping temp for any kind of oil. 

Universal Charging: The DOPEN 2.0 now has a mini-USB port to charge without having to remove your cartridge to access the charging port.

Magnetic Closures: No longer do you need to unscrew each piece of the DOPEN. We have added strong magnetic closures to each piece for quick access.

Spring Loaded Battery Terminal: Occasionally, certain cartridges won't get a clean connection to the battery based on their design. The new spring loaded terminal creates a good connection each time no matter what cartridge is being used.

The DOPEN 2.0 includes the Vaporizer Pen and USB Charger. No oil is included with the DOPEN 2.0 and must be purchased in licensed retail/medical stores.